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Shoulder Surgery in Irving & Trophy Club

If you’ve suffered a shoulder injury or if you’re suffering from a disease such as osteoarthritis, our team at Steven Sanders M.D., our orthopedic surgeon is standing by to help. Our dedicated medical experts, led by the experience of Dr. Sanders, is ready to assist you with corrective surgical options that can relieve your pain and help you to gain mobility and flexibility.

Because your shoulders support so much each day, injuries in these areas can be painful and debilitating. Thankfully, using our state-of-the-art medical technology and techniques, we can easily repair shoulder injuries and other joint problems.

Even if you’ve been let down by shoulder surgery treatment options in the past, Dr. Sanders may be able to offer you new treatment techniques that you never knew existed. Because our offices are outfitted with advanced equipment, we often have solutions that weren’t available in the past.

The benefits of shoulder surgery include:

  • Pain Relief
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Increased Strength
  • Larger Range of Motion
  • More Mobility
  • Increased Quality of Life

In addition to our surgical options, we also offer non-surgical treatments to patients who qualify. We believe that surgery should be the last resort, and Dr. Sanders has a variety of techniques that he can employ to assist you with repairing damage without surgery. If you do require surgery, however, Dr. Sanders and our staff will ensure that your comfort is our top priority.

Before, during, and after any surgical or non-surgical procedure or treatment, you will receive monitoring from medical professionals who care about your progress. We don’t simply stop at treatment; we go above and beyond to ensure you are progressing, recovering, and enjoying life. If you have questions or if you feel that adjustments need to be made to your after-care, Dr. Sanders will be happy to evaluate your condition and offer more solutions to help you get where you need to be.

When you choose Dr. Sanders for your surgical needs, you’ll be fully in charge of your healthcare decisions. We believe that this is the best approach because we want all of our patients to be comfortable and confident when trusting our expert team.

To learn if shoulder surgery is the right choice for you, contact our orthopedic surgeon to make an appointment. Call 469-297-2663 today.


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