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Orthopedic and Hip Surgeon in Keller, TX

Relieve Shoulder, Knee or Hip Pain with Expert Care

You can rely on orthopedic surgeon, Steven Sanders M.D., for the best in orthopedic and hip pain care. Our main goal is to treat our Keller, Texas patients in a professional, comfortable, and caring manner. We take the time to get to know the unique needs of each patient we treat. If you’re suffering from hip pain, a knee injury or any orthopedic discomfort, the team at orthopedic team at Steven Sanders M.D. is here to help. We offer Keller residents comprehensive medical care, orthopedic surgery, hip replacement options and sports medicine services that are second to none, including:

Baseball Injury Prevention for the Keller Indians & Other Baseball Players

Most commonly, baseball injuries occur in the shoulder or elbow and are from overuse. Many of these overuse injuries can cause permanent issues, but with proper practices, they can be prevented.

Use these tips to help protect yourself from injury:

  • ALWAYS warm up.
  • Don’t play if you feel any shoulder pain.
  • Be sure you take a break from playing each year.
  • Make sure you rotate to positions other than pitcher.
  • Follow age appropriate guidelines, including proper rest periods and pitching types.

If you are injured, do not play with that injury because you could make it much worse. Resting is important, but is usually not enough in the case of a baseball-related injury. Physical rehabilitation is generally necessary.

Non-Surgical Knee Treatments

Here at Steven Sanders M.D., we do everything within our power to treat you without having to perform surgery. While surgery is sometimes necessary, we consider it a last resort.

Knee injuries are common, especially in athletes, and they can be severe. Our orthopedic doctors offer many non-surgical treatments for knee pain and knee injuries, including:

  • Individualized physical therapy
  • Bracing
  • NSAIDs
  • Viscosupplementation (hyaluronic acid injection)
  • Weight loss and nutrition for reduced stress on the knee

Contact Us

We are currently seeing new Keller patients. To schedule an appointment with orthopedic hip surgeon Dr. Steven Sanders, contact us today by calling our Trophy Club location at 817-203-2663 or our Keller location at 469-297-2663.


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