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Orthopedic Surgeon in Grapevine

You can rely on orthopedic surgeon, Steven Sanders M.D., for the best in orthopedic and hip pain care. Our main goal is to treat our Grapevine, Texas patients in a professional, comfortable, and caring manner. We take the time to get to know the unique needs of each patient we treat. If you’re suffering from hip pain, a knee injury or any orthopedic discomfort, the team at orthopedic team at Steven Sanders M.D. is here to help. We offer Grapevine residents comprehensive medical care, orthopedic surgery, hip replacement options and sports medicine services that are second to none, including:

Injury Prevention & Treatment for GHS Award Winning Cheerleaders

Cheerleading injuries can occur anywhere on the body and can be very severe. Cheerleading safety is particularly important, which is why there are stunt restrictions in place for every team. Every cheerleader and coach should read up on these restrictions in order to keep the whole team safe. The most important part of cheerleading safety is to start small and work your way up to more difficult stunts.

Becoming an excellent cheerleader takes years of practice and training and requires you to stay in shape. To get and stay in shape you need to:

  • Stretch regularly. Try yoga or Pilates to maintain flexibility.
  • Perform resistance exercises. These should focus on the back, stomach, and shoulders.
  • Practice injury prevention exercises during warm ups. Many doctors can teach this to you.

After an injury has occurred, put the injury on ice and elevate it. Get to the doctor as soon as possible. After you are healed, work your way back up to the activity level you were at before, otherwise, re-injury can occur.

Grapevine Ankle Injury

Something as simple as an ankle sprain can really throw off your game and muscle strength. Once healing has occurred, it will probably be necessary to do some form of physical therapy, which may be as simple as slowly working up to the level of activity you were at before, or a professional may have a goal-oriented medical plan for recovery.

Therapy will generally begin with exercises that help you regain muscle strength and your range of motion and then move forward to balance. When your physical therapist feels you are ready, he or she will begin therapy consisting of daily activities you were doing before the injury. This is really great if your injury was caused by playing sports.

Once your therapy is through, you will be fully prepared to go back to playing your sport.

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We are currently seeing new Grapevine patients. To schedule an appointment with orthopedic hip surgeon Dr. Steven Sanders, contact us today by calling our Southlake location at 817-203-2663 or our Irving location at 469-297-2663.


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