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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel painCarpal tunnel syndrome is a condition experienced by many people as they age; for some, it can be painful and debilitating. This syndrome affects the median nerve in the hand and wrist. Generally, swelling in the hand and wrist leads to the median nerve being pinched, resulting in pain and numbness.

Carpal tunnel is thought to be caused by repetitive motions made with the hands and wrists, meaning people who participate in sports and even people who use office computers on a regular basis are at a higher risk.

Carpal Tunnel Treatments

At Steven Sanders M.D. we offer tailored treatment plans to help our patients with the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. We have had years of success and can help you, too. Using the latest in medical technology and imaging equipment, we can pinpoint exactly where the problem is occurring. From there, we can offer a number of treatment options that are designed to get you back to an active lifestyle.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

  • Weakness in the hand, especially near the thumb
  • Numbness or tingling in the thumb, index, and middle fingers
  • Coordination problems in the thumb, index, and middle fingers
  • Pain in the wrist and thumb side of the hand
  • Muscle loss in the hand and wrist
  • Pain when performing certain movements

Treatment Options

Our Irving and Trophy Club orthopedic offices offer a variety of treatment options for patients suffering from this syndrome, including:

We take an individualized approach to each and every treatment, and our experienced specialists evaluate each patient’s needs and lifestyle when creating treatment plans. Our goal is to help you to continue enjoying the activities you love while improving your mobility and relieving your pain.

If you’ve been told in the past that there was nothing that could be done about your carpal tunnel problems, let us take a look. Because our office uses the latest in equipment and imaging services, we can often offer our patients options that were not available in the past.

Contact our Southlake office at 817-203-2663 or our Irving office at 469-297-2663 today to see how we can help you end your carpal tunnel syndrome pain.


Dr. Sanders made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  He tried everything he could on me before he had....
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